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Most of our members are enrolled in courses. This term covers traditional classroom teaching including history, geology, politics and a range of languages. There are courses teaching practical skills such as pottery, playing bowls or folk dancing. U3A ACT has an orchestra, choirs, recorder groups and other music-making opportunities as well as a wide range of music appreciation courses. We have a range of art groups teaching drawing and painting. Some have tutors and others are self taught. There are also art appreciation classes and a camera club. U3A ACT also has many current affairs discussion groups and book clubs.

Courses are restricted to financial members only, however some activities, such as our forums (see the Activities tab) are open to the general public.

A full list of the courses offered by U3A ACT is available by clicking on this link.

How to enrol in a course

Membership also enables you to enrol in courses and/or take part in other activities, including a range of travel opportunities, outings and walks, forums and film screenings. Enrolment processes vary across courses, as shown in the Course Listing. Most require potential participants to phone or email the course convener on or after the date shown in the Course Listing.

U3A owns no premises of its own and courses are located at various places across the city. The three venues most widely used are the Hughes Community Centre, the Cook Community Hub and our Flynn Teaching Rooms, but other classes are held in libraries, community centres, clubs and colleges. Some classes are also held in Queanbeyan and Yass. Class members are responsible for meeting the rent of these, usually $1-2 a week for the duration of the class. Computer courses are slightly more expensive. Please read the Course Listing for conditions.

U3A always welcomes proposals for new courses from people who have interests or skills in particular fields and would like to share them with their peers. In fact, we depend on it! If you are interested in joining U3A and presenting a course, send an to the Chair of our Courses Committee.

We welcome your comments and feedback via the U3A ACT Facebook site.