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Thinking about becoming a U3A Course Leader?

You don't need to have professional qualifications or previous experience in teaching to be a course leader in U3A. If you have a passion for anything, chances are that among our 5,000+ members there are others who would like to hear about it. You should however have a sufficient degree of knowledge or experience in the subject matter to be able to engage and maintain members' interest for the duration of your course. A course or activity can be any length, from just a few sessions over several weeks to a full year. Some are held monthly rather than weekly. The length and timing can fit in with your other activities and venue availability. Generally speaking, you will need to be a U3A member to run a course.

Getting started

Ideas for courses and activities

A scan of the Courses Listing demonstrates the diversity of U3A courses currently offered. There are many other possible courses, or you may like to replicate an existing course (such as a current affairs or language course conversation course, or a book club), which you could do with another course member, where there is a waiting list of interested members.

If you would like to be a Course Leader but are not sure about a topic, resources and useful information can be found on these sites:

Help for prospective course leaders

If you are interested in becoming a course leader, you can get advice and assistance from the Course Leader Assistance Team at .

If you are a member of U3A, you can log in to the Members' area of the website where you will find the tab "Course Leaders". On this page you will find:

We welcome your comments and feedback via the U3A ACT Facebook site.