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Are you over 50? Want to learn something new or join a discussion group? Then U3A is for you!

You can exercise your brain by participating in or leading a group and sharing your interests with others.

U3A is an international movement which promotes and practises lifelong learning by providing low cost educational opportunities for retired people in a relaxed and informal environment. No prior educational qualifications are required; no degrees are awarded.


Click here to go to the online Course Selector to find courses in a specific area.


The following new courses are taking enrolments. For full details of these courses, go to the New Courses list

*The nuts & bolts of teaching English in China (ELL098) - Thursday 8 June, 10:00am - 12 noon
Venue: Hughes CH Rm 3
Contact: Alex Olah at
Enrolments from: Wednesday 17/5/2017, after 10 am

*Absolute Beginners Computing Course - Wednesdays 14 June - 14 July, 12:45 - 3.15pm
Venue: Grant Cameron Community Centre, 27 Mulley St, Holder - Rm 35, Lvl 2A
Cost: $85 for PCUGU3A members (cash only)
Contact: PCUG Training Coordinator at or phone 1800 728 853 (option 3) to book a place in this or future courses.
Enrolments from: NOW

* Crossing Cultural Frontiers (174.01) - Wednesdays 21 June – 16 August, 10:00 am - 12:00 noon
Venue: Hughes CC Rm 3
Contact: Marcia Fletcher at 6286 2964 or
Enrolments from: Now

* The Microbe Hunters (SHE082.01) - Wednesdays 2 - 23 August
Venue: Cook CH Rm 1
Contact: John Thompson on 6249 8446 or
Enrolments from: Now

*Dawn of European nation states 476–1000 AD (H177.01)) - Tuesdays 3 October - 28 November
Venue: Hughes CH Rm 2
Contact: Daniel Samotus Zbytek at or on 0415 394 122
Enrolments from: Saturday 3/6/2017, after 10 am


Recent eBulletins have advertised limited vacancies in the following courses and it may be possible to enrol in them if you act quickly. You can also check with the Course Prospectus to see whether specific courses are full.

* Fall of Eagles (H168.01) - Wednesdays 10 May - 28 June, 10:00am-12 noon
Cost: $40 for room rent & refreshments, payable at beginning of term
Venue: Cook Community Hub Room 3
Contact: Lois Dennis at (preferred) or 6242 5241


Any recent changes to courses already advertised will be shown below.

* Your Body- how it works (SHE070.02)


Tuesdays 23 May - 6 June, 10:00am-12 noon
Contact: Gillian Edwards on 6281 2461 or

* Traveller's Tales Part 4 (Antarctica) - Wednesdays 24 May - 14 June


Wednesday 31 May is moved to Thursday 1 June, 1:00 - 3:00 pm
Wednesday 7 June is moved to Thursday 8 June, 1:00 - 3:00 pm.
Contact: Ross Howard at

The Course Updates page shows these changes, as well as ones which have previously been notified.

What's on Offer at U3A ACT in 2017?

The Latest

The U3A eBulletin is an irregular bulletin which is emailed to members. It provides information about matters which may be of immediate interest to members.

The U3A Newsletter is published six times each year and reports on U3A activities, programs, courses and upcoming events. Essential reading for all U3A ACT members. Read the latest:


Key dates for 2017

Office Volunteers needed at Hughes and Cook

U3A Offices at Hughes and Cook need to have a Volunteer present morning and afternoon, Monday to Friday.
• the Volunteers provide access, answer queries, lock and unlock doors, accept and secure payments and write receipts.
• the morning session runs from 9:30am-1:00pm, and the afternoon session from 1-4.30pm, so we need 2 Volunteers per day.
• a new roster begins each month and Volunteers add their name wherever they choose.
• some help out once a month, others once a fortnight, and others weekly.
• any contribution of your time is most appreciated, whatever fits with busy schedules.
• a training session of about 2 hours will show you how we do things.
• the office computer has easily-accessed simple programs.

If you are able to help please contact:
Hughes: Jocelyne Macleod on 6281 4471 or
Cook: Sue Gavin on 6258 3042 or at

U3A/COTA BYO Lunchtime Forums Resume

Tuesday 6 June 12:30 - 1:45pm
Main Hall, Hughes Community Centre

Click here for full details

Limited Room Vacancies at Cook & Hughes

If you would like to run a course this year but haven’t already submitted a proposal, please send your proposal using the form available here to , stating if you have a preference for either Cook or Hughes.
Specific room vacancies can be found by emailing the Room Bookings officer, Jack Cornell at with details of your anticipated class size as well as days & times you are considering.

Click here for a downloadable copy of U3A's newly released
Volunteers Handbook

Commitment to Privacy Statement
U3A-ACT Inc seeks to align its practice with the provisions of the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 and manages personal information in accordance with the Privacy Principles listed in section 14 of the Act. These principles aim to ensure protection of personal information from unreasonable disclosure. See: U3A-ACT Inc Privacy Policy (PDF) (hard copy is available on request to ).

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