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All face-to-face U3A activities remain suspended until midnight on Friday 15 October.

Updates will continue to be provided as they become available.


A list of all courses currently available can be viewed here.
For full details about these courses or to enrol in a course, you need to be a member of U3A.

Find out how to view & print courses information here.


Are you 50 or over? Want to learn something new or join a discussion group? Then U3A is for you! No prior educational qualifications are required and you are not required to study long-term, as no certificates or degrees are awarded.

Further information can be found in our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here.


U3A Newsletter - August 2021 issue available here

Read about the current issues under discussion within U3A and also catch up with the news of forthcoming U3A events. This newsletter is available by clicking on...

U3A Newsletter - June 2021 issue available here

Read about the current issues under discussion within U3A and also catch up with the news of forthcoming U3A events. This newsletter is available by clicking on...

Tuesday Forums Return on 4 May - Bigger, Better & Different!!

Individual session details can be found here

The Forums will continue to focus on local events, politics, science, the environment and international events, and will run for an hour followed by Q&A. While...

ACT School Volunteer Program 2021 - Meccano® mentors wanted!

The School Volunteer Program of the ACT is recruiting volunteers to work in schools in 2021. It connects mature age adults as volunteers to work with young people...

U3A in Canberra

The Third Age may be the best time of your life! Our First Age is childhood. Our Second Age is the mid part of our lives, with the responsibilities of work and family.

Our Third Age is a time when we are free to explore, learn, and share knowledge. Now is the time to learn something new, rediscover old skills, to keep an active mind and to meet new friends.

In common with U3As throughout Australia and many other countries, U3A ACT provides learning in a broad range of areas, always in a social context.

U3A membership is open to people 50 and over. Most are no longer in full time employment but are enjoying the third age of their lives. We provide opportunities for learning by bringing together members with knowledge and skills and members who wish to learn.

We also encourage members to organise learning opportunities by researching and drawing on the resources available in the wider community.

The ACT has a single U3A. It includes members living in Queanbeyan and Yass and surrounds. As such we are very large with over 5,250 members.

We offer a wide range of courses — over 300 a year. Some run all year while many run for shorter periods.

We also offer a public lecture series with COTA from May to November; and there are tours, walks and outings to places of interest, open to all members.

In addition, we have an agreement with the University of Canberra that allows members to attend classes there through a formal registration process.

Our Members Calendar lists significant dates in U3A-ACT's year, e.g. U3A office closures, U3A Committee meetings, UCAN registration and semester information.

Commitment to Privacy Statement
U3A-ACT Inc seeks to abide by Sections 67A & 67B of the Associations Incorporation Act 1991 which deal with members having access to the register of members & limiting access to protect the personal information of members in the register. See: U3A-ACT Inc Privacy Policy 2021(PDF)

Code of Conduct U3A-ACT Inc (PDF)
U3A expects that all members, tutors & other volunteers will agree to abide by this Code of Conduct & behave in a courteous & civilised manner in all dealings relevant to U3A.

We welcome your comments and feedback via the U3A ACT Facebook site.