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Renew your Membership Online - NB: No Password is required.

You can renew your membership here if:

Please note: AMEX and Diners cards, and debit cards are NOT accepted

Membership of U3A ACT costs $25 a year; while a joint membership costs $40 for two people living at the same address. The U3A membership year commences on 1 October of the previous year and effectively terminates on 31 January of the following year. Renewal at any time after 1 October will ensure you have membership for the following year. You will not receive communications from U3A after 31 January if you have not renewed your membership before then.

To start your online renewal, please enter your valid membership number and surname (exactly as displayed on your current membership card) into the form below, and then press Renew to proceed. For Joint Memberships, either membership number and its associated surname may be entered.

If you don't have an email address registered with the U3A, your renewal letter and membership card will be printed and posted out to you. However, if you have an email address registered with the U3A then you will be emailed a copy of your receipt, your renewal letter, and your membership card. We hope that you will then be able to print your membership card yourself. If you have an email address registered with the U3A, and for whatever reason you are unable to print your own membership card, then you will be offered the option to ask for your renewal letter and membership card to be printed by the U3A and posted to you.

Note: If you are expecting your renewal email from the U3A and it hasn't arrived in good time, then please remember to look in your SPAM folder, because the email containing your membership card may have been directed by your computer into your SPAM folder instead of your IN box,

Please go to the My Details page to establish a password, and then to log on with your membership number and that password to tell us about any changes to your membership contact details, your Newsletter delivery arrangements, your Prospectus delivery arrangements, or your subscription to the U3A eBulletin. Changes to your details can be made at any time.

Please email The U3A Membership Secretary if you require more information, or have any further questions.

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