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Policies, By-Laws and Procedures

Under its Constitution U3A-ACT Inc has established a series of governance documents. These are Policies and Procedures (established under Rule 14) and By-Laws (established under Rule 15).


Asset Management

Policy document (2021) (PDF 105.8 kb)

By-Laws, Policies and Procedures Framework

By-laws, Policies and Procedures Framework (2021) (PDF 116.6 kb)

Code of Conduct

Policy document (2021) (PDF 221.4 kb)
Code of Conduct U3A-ACT Inc. (2021) (PDF 114.0 kb)

Communication Channels

Policy document (2021) (PDF 208.6 kb)

Complaints and Disputes Resolution

Policy document (2021) (PDF 280.5 kb)
Formal Complaint form (2021) (DOCX 36.6 kb)

Document Management

Policy document (2021) (PDF 161.4 kb)

Financial Commitments and Payments

Policy document (2021) (PDF 243.4 kb)


Policy document (2021) (PDF 76.3 kb)


Policy document (2021) (PDF 74.5 kb)


Policy document (2021) (PDF 211.7 kb)

Outstanding Service Awards

Policy document (2021) (PDF 164.5 kb)
Outstanding Service Awards - Nomination Form (2021) (DOCX 45.5 kb)
Outstanding Service Awards - Register of Recipients as at November 2020 (DOCX 27.3 kb)


Policy document (2021) (PDF 117.8 kb)

Procurement of Goods and Services

Policy document (2021) (PDF 195.4 kb)
Template for Contract to Supply Professional Services (DOCX 88.1 kb)
Template for Contract to Supply Other Services (DOCX 46.8 kb)

Risk Assessment

Policy document (2021) (PDF 75.0 kb)
Risk Assessment Matrix and Measures of Consequence (PDF 153.6 kb)
Risk Register (PDF 201.8 kb)

Safety and Wellbeing

Policy document (2021) (PDF 111.9 kb)
Accident / Incident report form (2021) (DOCX 34.3 kb)
Safety Information for Course Leaders and Members (PDF 54.5 kb)

Volunteer Agreements

Policy document (2021) (PDF 152.2 kb)
Agreement form for Committee Members, Course Leaders & Key Contacts (2021) (DOCX 34.6 kb)
Agreement form for Other Volunteers (2021) (DOCX 34.2 kb)

Volunteer Long Service Recognition Awards

Policy document (2021) (PDF 110.4 kb)
U3A-ACT Volunteer Long Service Recognition Scheme - Nomination Form (2021) (DOCX 38.5 kb)
U3A-ACT Volunteer Long Service Recognition Scheme Awards - Register of Recipients (PDF 106.1 kb)

Walks and Tours

Policy document (2021) (PDF 89.3 kb)


Procedures & Plans

COVID-19 Safety Plan for U3A (18 October 2021) (PDF 253.3 kb)
PUBLIC pages version
General Meetings Procedures (2021) (PDF 260.6 kb)
Induction Procedures for New Committee Members (2021) (PDF 103.9 kb)

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