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History of U3A CANBERRA

On Tuesday 16 September 1986, 100 people gathered at a public meeting in response to an advertisement in the Canberra Times to hear about the University of the Third Age. From this gathering, the organisers received over 50 applications and more followed, a steering committee was convened, and U3A-ACT was formed.

Early interest indicated that the newly formed group had the capacity to deliver courses in French, German, literature and drama, art history, genealogy and Australian history. Plus, participants were also asking for courses in administration, current affairs, genealogy, mysticism, and international affairs.

In 2007, Michael Dwyer, then President of U3A-ACT, chaired a group of diligent researchers who captured the first 21 years of the association. The information was compiled, to produce a 71-page booklet for members.

If you would like to know more about the history of the group, view Michael Dwyer's short paper U3A-ACT: A Historical Perspective (2007)

For more information about our history, please email or call U3A Canberra (as it is now commonly known) using the general enquiries information on the Contacts page.

We welcome your comments and feedback via the U3A ACT Facebook site.