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Other Activities

You may be interested in the following public activities. Note that these are not hosted by U3A,

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MUSICAL REFLECTIONS - A journey across genres 🎵🎵

Hosted by: ANU Community Music Centre

Tuesday 4 June 2024

Apeiron Baroque; Revisiting musical assumptions in Baroque and Classical music
This is the fourth lecture in the series of talks on different musical genres, with representation of various musical styles, composers and topics.

The field of Early Music (historical performance practice) is much more than playing old music on old instruments! In the 300 years since the Baroque era, there have been vast changes in society, language, and aesthetics; and Early Music is an attempt to rediscover the contemporary ideas, context, and techniques in order to better understand how to interpret the "blobs on the page". In this presentation, Apeiron Baroque will give a general overview of some of these concepts, and the way that we employ them in our interpretations of music from the past.

After the talk, there will be a short lunchtime concert.

Presenters: John Ma and Marie Searles
Tuesday, 4 June 11:00am - 12.45pm
Athenaeum, Ground Floor, Llewelyn Hall
Cost: $10 with payment details provided upon acceptance of registration.

To register email before 5PM Monday, 3 June
Please include your U3A membership number in the email.
Those registered for all four talks need do nothing.

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