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Tuesday Forums

Forums have a "current affairs" focus covering local events, politics, science, the environment and international events.

Sessions are held via Zoom commencing on Tuesdays at 12:30 pm and run from March to early June and from mid-July to November.

There are two registration options:

* Pre-register for all talks during the year and you will automatically be sent Zoom login details each week, i.e. there will not be any need to register on a weekly basis. (Note: Those who pre-registered in 2023 will automatically be transferred to the 2024 Forums.)
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16 April

What are be the implications of the recent Indonesian Presidential election?

Emeritus Professor Greg Fealy, Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs, ANU
Greg will discuss the February Indonesian Presidential elections which resulted in the election of retired army general Prabowo Subianto who takes office in October. What is the legacy of two time President Joko Widodo who retires in October?

Greg is a very popular U3A speaker on Indonesian politics and that country's relationship with Australia. He is a scholar of Indonesian politics and history, who specialises in Islam and has a particular interest in Islamic political doctrines, Islamisation processes and the role of religion in democratic systems. Greg has written extensively on the politics and culture of Islamic politics.

  • Registrations open 9AM 9th April and close 5PM 15th April
  • To register email
  • Be sure to include your membership number in the email.

23 April

What now for politics in Papua New Guinea?

Dr Ron May, Emeritus Fellow, Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs, ANU
Ron will provide an update on the current political environment in PNG, including what factors lay behind the riots in Port Morseby in January. Ron will also discuss Australia's relationship with PNG. PNG is Australia's nearest neighbour but receives limited attention.

Ron was a Senior Fellow and at times. Head of the Department of Political and Social Change, ANU. Previously he was a Senior Economist with the Reserve Bank, Field Director of the University's New Guinea Research Unit, and foundation Director of what is now, the National Research Institute (NRI) in Papua New Guinea.

Ron has published extensively on Melanesia and on Southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines and West Papua.

  • Registrations open 9AM 16th April and close 5PM 22th April
  • To register email
  • Be sure to include your membership number in the email.

30 April

Preparing with the End in Mind

Catherine Prosser, General Manager, Tender Funerals Canberra Region, and Linda Hansen, CEO of Palliative Care ACT
Most of us like to avoid thinking about dying and death. But it will happen to us all, so wouldn't you rather be informed and prepared? Join for an open conversation about the end. We'll talk about the paperwork, like wills and advanced care directives, as well as the benefits of palliative care and how to access it. We'll talk about planning, like what you'd like to happen after you die. And we'll talk about how you make sure that actually happens. Curiosity and questions most welcome.

Catherine brings many years of experience in the community arts, educator, start-up and philanthropy sector as a team member, manager and board member.
Linda is an Experienced CEO with a demonstrated history of working in health and community. Linda has worked in the Pallative care area for the past twenty years.

  • Registrations open 9AM 23rd April and close 5PM 29th April
  • To register email
  • Be sure to include your membership number in the email.

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