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Face Masks on U3A Premises

4 July 2021

Message from the President

Members are required under the new Public Health Direction to carry masks at all times from midnight on Sunday 27 June 2021.

Masks are also mandatory in the public areas of the facilities we use: corridors, hallways and toilets.

In the teaching rooms and offices of our premises at Cook, Flynn and Hughes we recommend that members wear masks except when they are speaking or drinking water. Members who are not comfortable with wearing masks are advised not to attend classes while these arrangements are in place.

Of course, we do not expect course leaders to give their courses wearing a mask or class members to keep masks on while contributing to a debate.

We do urge members to be very careful to observe the social distancing and hygiene requirements as per our COVID plan.

Members attending courses in other venues may well be required to wear masks most of the time if the space is regarded as a public space. This is a matter for your venue operator to advise.

Let's keep one another safe!

Bob Nield

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