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7 January 2020

Advice to all members including Course Leaders & other Volunteers

Act Health Advice 3 January 2020

The heavy smoke affecting the ACT is expected to continue while fires continue to burn across the border. During this time, the ACT Health Directorate's advice remains the same.

During these periods of smoke, all Canberrans are advised to minimise their levels of prolonged or heavy physical activity outdoors. When there is heavy smoke in the area it is best to avoid all physical activity outdoors.

You can find advice on current air quality at .

U3A advice to members including course leaders and other volunteers

In line with our Safety and Wellbeing policy, U3A asks that members, including course leaders and other volunteers, are mindful of their own and others' safety and wellbeing in relation to the risks from smoke in Canberra at this time. U3A asks that members do not engage in U3A activities when smoke conditions might pose a risk to their safety and wellbeing or the safety and wellbeing of others.

With air quality varying from day to day and the health risks varying between people, U3A asks members to judge the circumstances on a daily basis as they occur and affect them. If you are in an office or taking part in a course and the smoke is unacceptable please leave the activity at once securing the building as needed behind you.

If you are cancelling your rostered volunteer session or a course session please let other members know as appropriate.

Subject to these arrangements, our offices at Hughes & Cook will open for 2020 on Monday 13 January. Office volunteers need to contact their managers in the usual way if they are not available for their rostered duty. Because of the smoke issue, we recommend that members ring the Office to see if it is open before travelling to the office. The numbers are

Members are asked to ensure that internal doors in our facilities are kept closed as much as possible. The Facilities team will ensure that all our air conditioners are set to recycle mode to avoid bringing in smoke from outside to the maximum extent possible.

Bob Nield

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