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How to volunteer

U3A is managed by volunteers working together to achieve our objective of offering learning opportunities to our members.

Course leaders volunteer their time to develop and deliver courses. Course participants are also needed to support their course leaders with simple tasks like setting up the room, organising tea and coffee and other routine tasks needed to make a course run.

Other volunteers put their hands up to take on tasks big and small perhaps by joining a committee, organising a course, excursion or event, or by contributing to the overall administration of U3A.

In U3A Canberra we think that volunteer roles should take no more time than you are comfortable in giving. Some roles are more demanding than others, but no one should be doing more than the equivalent of a day a week and most people will put that kind of time in over a fortnight or a month. But we expect commitment and reliability in delivering the service offered.

Our can help you find a role that matches your interests and skills and the time you want to contribute.

And if you have ever thought about becoming a course leader, we have a page full of useful resources for course leaders.


Would you be prepared to lead or arrange a course or discussion group, or organise a walk or tour?

Admin support

Would you be prepared to assist in the U3A support and administration? There are many and varied support activities where more volunteers are often needed. Many vacancies are advertised in the Newsletter and/or E-Bulletin, including in the following activities:

  • Membership administration
  • Finance/Banking administration
  • Office support
  • Public relations
  • eBulletin editor
  • Graphic design
  • Catering/hospitality
  • General committee member
  • Equipment management
  • IT hardware and software support
  • Project management
  • etc.

Current vacancies

  • Website Content Editing
  • Technical Support Team members
  • Membership Team
  • Communications & Promotion Team

Contact details

For more information please contact

We welcome your comments and feedback via the U3A ACT Facebook site.