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University of Canberra Courses

U3A signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Canberra in 2016. Under this agreement U3A members are invited to audit units at the University of Canberra. Auditing is defined as listening. Members may attend lectures, and they may access the unit's LearnOnline (Moodle) website, but they are not officially enrolled in any unit or course. Assignments and examinations are not included so no credentials will be issued.

U3A members may ask unit convenors whether they can also attend and participate in the unit's tutorials and workshops. This is at the unit convenor's discretion. If permission is granted U3A members are encouraged to participate in the discussion and activities. U3A members may undertake formative assessment tasks if they wish but will not be assessed.

U3A members do not pay fees to the University of Canberra but they must be financial members of U3A.

The university would appreciate feedback on the UC experience at

U3A's contact with the University of Canberra, Julia Rymer, is available on

How to register

Full instructions can be found on the site which the University of Canberra has set up specifically for U3A (ACT) Members: University of Canberra — U3A (ACT)

Please read the information carefully, then select the units you wish to study. Remember to first check the timetable and the "unavailable units page".

You will need to fill in the Semester or Winter Term registration form that becomes available about two weeks prior to the commencement of the teaching period and submit it to the University in good time for the beginning of the teaching period. In 2016, classes begin on 15 February; 6 June and 8 August.

When accepted, U3A members will receive a 'Welcome' email which will include:

  • the U3A member's UC identity number;
  • instructions on how to access LearnOnline;
  • instructions on how to access the UC student WiFi service; and
  • instructions on how to obtain a borrower's card from the University library.