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About us

U3A ACT is Canberra's only U3A. It is incorporated in the Australian Capital Territory and is governed by Objects and Rules of U3A-ACT Inc [PDF, 185kB] Since starting in 1986, it has grown from 100 people to more than 4000 members. In 2007, U3A ACT celebrated its 21st birthday with a National Conference in Canberra, which included a paper by Michael Dwyer on the history of the first 21 years of U3A-ACT, entitled U3A ACT: A Historical Perspective (PDF, 528kB).

U3A ACT runs more than 200 courses—for course details visit our Courses prospectus page on this website. Before enrolling in any of these courses you must be a member of U3A—for membership details visit our How to join page on this website.

The range and number of courses are entirely dependent on the availability of volunteer course leaders Members are encouraged to give courses on subjects which they feel competent to lead. Other leaders are needed as facilitators for discussion groups (e.g. Current Affairs). The more discussion there is, the more lively and worthwhile the course becomes and the more members get from them.

U3A ACT recognises that the social aspect of the movement is also important and provides opportunities for people to meet others who share similar interests. These events also become a place to meet and make friends.

U3A is an organisation of volunteers, run by volunteers—for more information on volunteering visit our How to volunteer page on this website. We value highly the work our volunteers do for us. Every year we make a number of Outstanding Service Awards to volunteers. Those who have received these awards to date are listed on the Register of Recipients of Outstanding Service Awards (PDF, 22kB).

For a directory of other U3As in Australia visit: U3A Online.

We welcome your comments and feedback via the U3A ACT Facebook site.