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Course leaders page

This page contains information for both current Course Leaders and those who are considering putting in a proposal to lead a course or activity at U3A

Thinking about becoming a U3A Course Leader?

The good news is that you don't need to be a retired academic or schoolteacher to prepare and lead a course or activity. If you have a passion for anything, chances are that among our 4,000+ members there are others who would like to hear about it. A course or activity can be any length, from just a few sessions over several weeks to a term or a full year. Some courses are held monthly rather than weekly. You can choose the length of your course or activity and its timing to fit in with your other activities and venue availability.

Getting started

Ideas for courses and activities

A scan of the Prospectus demonstrates the diversity of subjects and activities currently offered. There are many other possibilities. Or you may like to clone an existing course, which you could do with another course member, where there is a waiting list of interested members.


The Course Leaders guide [PDF], the Course proposal form [PDF] and the Guidelines for course enrolments[PDF] are essential reading for any prospective Course Leader.

U3A course material sources

If you would like to be a Course Leader but are not sure about a topic, the following two sites can be explored for resources and useful information.

Help for prospective Course Leaders

Courses are managed on an area or room basis by Course Coordinators who are there to assist Course Leaders (and potential Course Leaders) with any questions they may have regarding the running of the courses they wish to present to our members. The names and contact details for these Course Coordinators can be found on the Contacts page of this website. So, if you need any assistance with developing your course, get in touch with one of them. They will be only too willing to help.

In the latter half of the calendar year U3A ACT also offers a half-day seminar for prospective Course Leaders. The seminar provides information on the critical steps in developing a course proposal and enables prospective Course Leaders to hear from and talk with experienced Course Leaders. Keep an eye out for when this seminar will be held.

Resources for Course Leaders

In addition to the material available above to support Course Leaders in establishing their courses, Course Leaders of longer term, ongoing courses may wish to seek feedback from their course participants. To assist Course Leaders in seeking this feedback, three (3) sample feedback forms are available for Course Leaders to modify and use as they wish. There is no requirement at all for Course Leaders to seek feedback from participants, and any feedback or other comments that Course Leaders should receive is for their knowledge and benefit only. However, should Course Leaders wish to seek assistance in the management of any issues associated with courses, their Course Coordinator is available to provide advice in the first instance.

Download course forms & guidelines

If you wish to lead a course for U3A you can download a PDF file of any course form required by clicking the relevant link below. The course proposal form is also available as an RTF document for opening and completing in your word processor.

Course Proposals

Course Leader Information

Safety Information