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Cancelled Courses

* Armchair History (H158.02) by Peter White - Replaced by repeat of:

Contact on the Frontier: stories from the meeting and experiences of Europeans and Aboriginal people on the Australian frontiers (H167.01) by Peter White; at Cook Community Hub, Thursdays 7 September - 23 November, 1:30 - 4:00 pm

Posted 2 June

Proposed New Courses
Inviting Expressions of Interest

The Triton Owners’ Club of the ACT Inc (TOCACT) - possible U3A course
The Triton Owners’ Club of the ACT Inc (TOCACT) is a wood working club that has a key focus on providing support to people - men and women - using Triton woodworking equipment. They are aware that many people take up woodworking in their retirement and may wish to get a better understanding of how to use Triton saw tables that have often been sitting under-used in their sheds for many years.

To assist these people, TOCACT is considering running an introductory course for U3A on how to set up and use this equipment safely and effectively.

If there is sufficient interest they propose to run two 2 hour sessions (probably one in mid-September and the second in mid-October) with the first covering an introduction to the table saw and the second session the router.

The sessions would be held on a Wednesday evening (7-9pm) at the Stromlo Forest Scout Hall in Duffy. A small fee may be charged to cover the cost of hall hire.

If you are interested, please contact John Karas at before Monday 28 August 2017.

Posted 13 August

Seeking expressions of interest

From little acorns . . .
It’s difficult to see what’s not there when the trees in the foreground obscure not only the wood as a whole but also its localised gaps.

So what may be missing in our U3A?

In any university worthy of the name there’s research to discover new knowledge as well as disseminating the old. So are we all past hankering for that excitement of the chase? I think not, for in our course refreshment breaks it’s common for twos and threes to try and nudge the very cutting edges of knowledge.

Email if you might be interested in forming a team to explore our latent potential for collaborative armchair research.

You might be surprised at the possibilities, and there’s just time to design and offer such a program to the Courses Sub-Committee for next year.

Posted 6 August

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